As an artist I’m very influenced by work involving the natural world and organic imagery. My main influences come from artists that are very detail oriented and really have a story to tell, this is why I’m so drawn to printmaking. I’ve been practicing printmaking for about 10 years, mostly in intaglio but also in relief and monotypes.

I’m very inspired by the works of Michael Mazur, a pioneer in monotype printmaking and someone who really exemplified letting go of the absolute control printmaking can sometimes bring out in us. Other favorite artists include Ann d’Arcy Hughes, Trenton Doyle Hancock, René Magritte and the ParkeHarrisons.

I’ve shown my work in a number of exhibits in Southern Rhode Island, won an Excellence award at the URI Annual Juried Student show and the Paper Award at the 2011 Student Printmaking Biennial. I plan to continue to exhibit my work as much as I can. As of right now my future plans are still undecided, I do hope to continue printmaking on my own or in graduate school and would like pursuer a career in the museum world.


Rhode Island